12 Games Like Bloodborne to Quench Your Thirst for Gothic and Eldritch Horror

games like bloodborne

Here’s what I have to say about Bloodborne. It’s my favorite game of all time, simply put.

Developed by FromSoftware, this masterpiece of a game is known for its challenging gameplay, rich RPG mechanics, and immersive gothic and eldritch horror themes. It’s no wonder that Bloodborne has amassed a dedicated fan base, myself included, that craves more of its intense, atmospheric experience.

With that in mind, I’ve tried to find games that share a mix of Bloodborne’s RPG style, mechanics, and dark themes, and I’m excited to share my discoveries with you all. 

In this article, I’ll be introducing 12 games that, while they might not be exact replicas of Bloodborne, still manage to capture its essence in various ways

So if you’re a fellow hunter, eager to explore more twisted and treacherous worlds, join me as we delve into these gothic nightmares and eldritch horrors. 

Let the hunt begin!

Dark Souls Series

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The Dark Souls series, also developed by the renowned FromSoftware, is the closest you’ll get to experience a game like Bloodborne. Each entry in the series is defined by its intricate, interconnected world design, brutal difficulty, and rich lore that unravels as you progress.

Just like Bloodborne, Dark Souls features a deep combat system with various weapons and playstyles, giving you the freedom to experiment and find your own unique approach.

The series leans more into dark fantasy themes, but the macabre atmosphere and sense of isolation are just as palpable. If you’re a fan of Bloodborne, it’s almost certain that you’ll love exploring the grim worlds of Dark Souls I, II, and III.

Demon’s Souls

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As the spiritual predecessor to both Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series, Demon’s Souls is where it all began. Released in 2009, this game laid the foundation for the Soulsborne genre, introducing the challenging gameplay mechanics, intricate level design, and cryptic storytelling that would become synonymous with FromSoftware’s later titles.

Demon’s Souls’ atmosphere leans heavily into the gothic horror and dark fantasy realms, making it a perfect choice for Bloodborne fans. While its age might show in some aspects, the recent PlayStation 5 remake breathes new life into this classic, offering an updated experience for newcomers and veterans alike.

Nioh Series

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Developed by Team Ninja, the Nioh series offers a unique blend of Japanese mythology and dark fantasy, creating a distinct atmosphere that sets it apart from its Soulsborne counterparts. Both Nioh and Nioh 2 are known for their challenging, fast-paced combat system that shares similarities with Bloodborne’s aggressive, dodge-heavy mechanics.

The series also offers an intricate character customization system, allowing you to create your ideal samurai warrior and tackle a variety of demonic Yokai that roam the land. If you’re a fan of Bloodborne’s punishing gameplay and deep RPG elements, the Nioh series is a must-play.

Code Vein

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Code Vein, developed by Bandai Namco Studios, is a unique addition to the Souls-like genre, thanks to its anime-inspired visuals and post-apocalyptic setting. The game follows a group of vampiric beings called Revenants as they struggle to survive in a world ravaged by a mysterious catastrophe.

The challenging combat system in Code Vein is reminiscent of Bloodborne, with a focus on dodging and stamina management. The game also features an in-depth character progression system, known as the Blood Code, which allows you to customize your playstyle and abilities to suit your preferences.

While the atmosphere and visual style differ significantly from Bloodborne, Code Vein’s engaging gameplay and the dark, dystopian world make it an excellent choice for fans looking to branch out.

Hollow Knight

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Hollow Knight, developed by Team Cherry, is a beautifully hand-drawn 2D action-adventure game that masterfully combines the essence of the Metroidvania genre with Soulsborne elements. Its dark, atmospheric world is teeming with challenging enemies and intricate lore that unveils itself as you explore the depths of the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest.

The game’s combat is precise and demanding, requiring you to learn enemy patterns and time your attacks to succeed. Although Hollow Knight is a departure from Bloodborne’s 3D action, the eerie atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and deep lore make it an experience that fans of Bloodborne will undoubtedly appreciate.

Dead Cells

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Developed by Motion Twin, Dead Cells is a unique blend of roguelike and Metroidvania elements wrapped in a dark, gothic setting. The game features procedurally generated levels, ensuring that each playthrough offers a fresh challenge.

Dead Cells is known for its tight, responsive controls and fast-paced combat, reminiscent of Bloodborne’s aggressive gameplay. As you progress, you’ll unlock new weapons, abilities, and upgrades that allow you to customize your play style.

While the game’s pixel art style and roguelike nature set it apart from Bloodborne, the challenging gameplay and dark atmosphere make it an excellent choice for fans of the Soulsborne genre.

Salt and Sanctuary

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Salt and Sanctuary, developed by Ska Studios, is a 2D action RPG that draws heavy inspiration from the Soulsborne series. The game features a dark, hand-drawn world filled with grotesque enemies and treacherous environments that will test your skills and perseverance.

Like Bloodborne, Salt and Sanctuary offers a wide array of weapons, spells, and playstyles, allowing you to experiment and find the approach that best suits you. The game’s deep RPG mechanics and gothic atmosphere make it a perfect fit for fans of Bloodborne.

Darkest Dungeon

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Darkest Dungeon, developed by Red Hook Studios, is a turn-based strategy RPG with a unique art style and eldritch horror setting. The game stands out from other titles on this list due to its focus on the psychological toll that adventuring takes on your party of heroes.

As you delve deeper into the dungeons, your characters will suffer from various afflictions and stress that can affect their performance in combat. The game’s mechanics and turn-based combat might be a departure from Bloodborne’s fast-paced action, but the oppressive atmosphere and Lovecraftian-inspired setting make it a fascinating experience that fans of eldritch horror will thoroughly enjoy.

The Surge Series 

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The Surge series, developed by Deck13 Interactive, brings the Soulsborne formula to a dystopian sci-fi setting, offering a refreshing change of pace for fans of the genre. Both games in the series feature a unique limb-targeting combat system that allows you to dismember enemies and salvage their equipment for your own use.

The Surge and The Surge 2 retain the challenging gameplay and deep RPG mechanics found in Bloodborne but with a futuristic twist. While the atmosphere may be quite different from the gothic and eldritch horror themes of Bloodborne, the Surge series is an excellent choice for those seeking a challenging action RPG in a unique setting.


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Developed by The Game Kitchen, Blasphemous is a 2D action-platformer with a dark, pixel art aesthetic that features heavily on religious themes and imagery. Set in the twisted world of Cvstodia, you’ll face gruesome enemies and punishing bosses as you uncover the deep lore hidden throughout the game.

The brutal combat and variety of weapons and abilities available in Blasphemous are reminiscent of Bloodborne’s gameplay, albeit in a 2D setting. Its dark, oppressive atmosphere and challenging gameplay make it a must-play for fans of the Soulsborne genre.


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Ashen, developed by A44, is an action RPG that takes the Soulsborne formula and infuses it with a unique cooperative gameplay mechanic and minimalist art style. Set in a bleak, sunless world, you’ll team up with other players or AI-controlled companions to explore, battle enemies, and uncover the mysteries of the land.

The combat in Ashen is challenging and methodical, echoing Bloodborne’s focus on dodging and timing your attacks. While the game’s atmosphere and art style differ from Bloodborne’s gothic and eldritch horror themes, Ashen’s engaging gameplay and cooperative elements make it a worthy addition to any Soulsborne fan’s library.

Remnant: From the Ashes

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Developed by Gunfire Games, Remnant: From the Ashes is an action RPG that combines third-person shooter mechanics with Soulsborne-inspired gameplay. Set in a dark, post-apocalyptic world teeming with monstrous creatures, you’ll need to craft weapons, scavenge for resources, and battle your way through dynamically generated levels.

The game’s challenging combat and RPG mechanics will feel familiar to fans of Bloodborne, while the addition of shooter elements brings a unique twist to the formula. With its engaging gameplay and cooperative multiplayer, Remnant: From the Ashes is an excellent choice for fans of Bloodborne who are looking for something a little different.

While Bloodborne’s unique blend of gothic and eldritch horror themes, challenging gameplay, and intricate RPG mechanics is truly one of a kind, the 12 games listed above capture similar elements that fans will surely appreciate. 

Each title offers its own distinct flavor, taking inspiration from the Soulsborne genre and adding its own unique twist. As a fellow hunter, I encourage you to explore these games and immerse yourself in the dark, twisted worlds they present. 

While we continue to eagerly await a potential sequel or spiritual successor to Bloodborne, let these games keep the torch lit and guide you through more harrowing, unforgettable adventures. 

Happy hunting!

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