Relaxing Games Like Unpacking for the Ultimate Zen Gaming Experience

games like unpacking

If you’ve been captivated by the unique and alluring world of Unpacking, you’re not alone. This puzzle game, where you carefully unpack and arrange objects in various living spaces, has found a special place in the hearts of many. With its relaxing, therapeutic, and engaging nature, it’s no wonder people are seeking similar gaming experiences.

So, today, we’re diving into 20 games like Unpacking that’ll keep you coming back for more soothing and immersive gaming sessions.

Let’s get started!

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

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Kind Words is reminiscent of Unpacking because of its relaxing nature and minimalist design. The game invites you to write and receive kind letters from strangers all around the globe, which creates a sense of connection and tranquility. The soothing soundtrack adds to the calming atmosphere, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day, just like Unpacking.

Wilmot’s Warehouse

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Wilmot’s Warehouse shares Unpacking’s core appeal of organizing and categorizing items. In this game, you’re responsible for organizing countless items in a warehouse, ensuring they’re easy to locate when needed. Its vibrant colors and charming design create a fun and relaxing environment, making it a great alternative for fans of Unpacking.


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Islanders is a strategic city-building game with a minimalist approach, much like Unpacking’s focus on arranging spaces. The game features procedurally generated environments, providing a fresh experience each time. The tranquil atmosphere and zen-like gameplay make it a fantastic choice for those looking to unwind and engage their strategic thinking.

A Short Hike

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A Short Hike is a casual exploration-focused game with a simple yet captivating narrative. The pixelated art style and calming soundtrack create a peaceful world that shares the same relaxing essence as Unpacking. As you explore the environment, you’ll feel the same sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from organizing living spaces in Unpacking.


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Ooblets, with its blend of farming, creature collection, and dance battles, provides a calming and engaging experience similar to Unpacking. The cute and colorful visuals add a layer of charm, while the varied gameplay mechanics keep things fresh and entertaining. The game’s focus on organizing and growing your collection of creatures gives it a familiar vibe for fans of Unpacking.


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Eastshade offers a soothing experience through open-world exploration and painting. With immersive environments and a calming ambiance, Eastshade shares the same relaxing atmosphere as Unpacking. The game’s focus on creating art and exploring the stunning world around you offers a similar sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


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Calico is a charming game that tasks you with rebuilding a cat café. The magical world, adorable animal interactions, and focus on organization make it a perfect escape for fans of Unpacking. Its emphasis on creating a welcoming and well-organized space is what connects these two games.

Slime Rancher

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Slime Rancher’s quirky creatures, colorful world, and ranch management mechanics make it a delightful alternative to Unpacking. The game’s focus on organizing your ranch and managing your resources offers a similar sense of accomplishment and calm that fans of Unpacking enjoy.

My Time at Portia

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My Time at Portia shares a focus on organization, crafting, and building with Unpacking. The game’s engaging storyline and immersive world create an environment that’s easy to get lost in. The satisfaction of crafting and organizing items in this game is reminiscent of the therapeutic experience of playing Unpacking.

If you like farming and crafting games, you might like this list of games too!


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Gris is an emotional narrative-driven game with a breathtaking art style and unique platforming and puzzle mechanics. Its atmospheric nature and tranquil gameplay are reminiscent of Unpacking’s calming vibe. Although the games differ in their core mechanics, Gris offers a similar sense of peace and satisfaction as you progress through its story and solve the puzzles.


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Feather shares Unpacking’s calming atmosphere by allowing players to freely roam as a bird in serene landscapes. The relaxing soundtrack and simple, soothing gameplay create an experience perfect for those looking to unwind, similar to the feeling of organizing and arranging items in Unpacking.

Garden Story

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Garden Story combines gardening, puzzle-solving, and light combat mechanics into a charming pixel art world. The heartwarming narrative and delightful visuals create an engaging and wholesome gaming experience. The game’s focus on organizing your garden and solving puzzles offers a similar sense of accomplishment to that of Unpacking.


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Spiritfarer, a unique game about helping spirits pass on to the afterlife, provides a calming and heartfelt experience. The crafting, cooking, and exploration mechanics, combined with the beautiful visuals and touching story, create a soothing atmosphere that mirrors the tranquility of Unpacking.

Luna: The Shadow Dust

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Luna: The Shadow Dust is a point-and-click adventure with enchanting hand-drawn visuals and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. The captivating world and mesmerizing atmosphere make this game a standout choice for fans of Unpacking. The game’s focus on solving puzzles and uncovering the story shares the same engaging and calming essence as Unpacking.

The Stillness of the Wind

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The Stillness of the Wind is a farming and time management game with a melancholic narrative. Its evocative art style and poignant atmosphere make this game a beautiful and thought-provoking journey. The focus on organizing and managing resources, along with the calming gameplay, creates a similar vibe to Unpacking.

Old Man’s Journey

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Old Man’s Journey is a touching narrative-driven game with puzzle-solving gameplay. The watercolor art style and contemplative atmosphere create a beautiful backdrop for a story that’s both heartwarming and bittersweet. Its puzzle-solving mechanics and calming vibe make it a great alternative for fans of Unpacking.

Hidden Folks

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Hidden Folks is a seek-and-find game with a delightful hand-drawn art style. The game’s focus on locating hidden objects within intricate scenes shares a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment with Unpacking. The charm and light-hearted nature of Hidden Folks make it an entertaining and calming experience.

Glass Masquerade

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Glass Masquerade is a visually stunning game that revolves around assembling stained-glass jigsaw puzzles. The focus on piecing together intricate puzzles shares a similar sense of satisfaction and relaxation with Unpacking. The art-deco designs and soothing soundtrack make this game an ideal choice for fans of Unpacking.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

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Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector’s simple premise of attracting and collecting virtual cats provides a calming and enjoyable gaming experience, much like Unpacking. The adorable visuals and easy-to-pick-up gameplay make it perfect for casual gaming sessions. The satisfaction of collecting and organizing your virtual cats offers a familiar feeling for fans of Unpacking.


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Abzû is an underwater exploration game that takes you through vibrant and mesmerizing marine environments. The game’s focus on discovery and exploration offers a similar sense of satisfaction to Unpacking. The emotional narrative and awe-inspiring soundtrack create an unforgettable journey into the depths of a beautifully crafted ocean world, providing a calming and immersive gaming experience.

And there you have it – 20 games like Unpacking that will provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience. Each game on this list offers a sense of calm, comfort, and accomplishment, whether through organizing spaces, solving puzzles, or exploring serene environments. From soothing puzzlers and heartwarming adventures to delightful simulators and tranquil exploration games, there’s something here for everyone.

These games capture the essence of what makes Unpacking so special, providing alternative experiences that evoke a similar sense of relaxation and immersion. So, go ahead and let them whisk you away on a journey filled with calm, comfort, and endless entertainment.

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